Coherence & diversity

Why tutti?
A lot of years ago I took over from a colleague, June Geach, who had edited a book called Coherence in Diversity – about multilingualism in schools. Good title, it’s high time it was resuscitated.

It’s great to be incredibly talented at one thing – music, physics, accountancy – and we all know people who are good at One Thing but are a bit over-specialised. It’s also great to be good at lots of things, without having to apologise for being a jack of all trades. It’s actually quite useful to have diverse talents and they can still be coherent if they are put to use at the service of something that matters. It’s even more useful to know people who can do lots of things, but speak your language so you don’t have to spend hours explaining what you want.

Well, that’s how my address book works. And that’s why I like ‘tutti’ to describe what I offer.