My work is based in the cultural and learning sectors and draws on my academic background in languages and literature, my experience as a teacher and library & information professional, and my knowledge of (classical) music and the music business.

  • NOISE & HEARING: Lectures and consultancy for musicians and managers, students and teachers. This is based on a BBC-funded project that evolved from a research investigation into a sector-wide partnership and publication on noise control and hearing conservation. I am developing this into a PhD: “What does it mean to have a musician’s ear? Listening to musicians”.
  • WORDS & MUSIC: Opera surtitles (translations and operations); writing about music, editing and translating. Language coaching for singers and a workshop ‘Making the most of your speaking voice’.
  • PROJECTS: Relating to learning and the arts, with a common thread of research, organising information and communicating information to diverse audiences.

SOUND BITES is an occasional blog about things I’ve found useful, thought-provoking or fun, and want to share. It also contains links to live concert reviews I have written.